Friday, September 27, 2013

Simple Words

At the grocery store this morning, I met a kind gentleman who made my day.  He didn't do anything extraordinary but the small thing that he did just spoke right to my heart and encouraged me.  He was a city bus driver just dropping in to get a quick bite to eat for the road.  He looked familiar, perhaps I'd waited on him before during my cashiering days.  I don't know.  He looked down at my baby in his car seat in my cart and said "God Bless You" to him with a big smile on his face.  Then, as I was leaving the store, he said it again and smiled.  While in the parking lot, he drove by in his bus and waved with yet another big smile on his face.  Nothing major, right?  Don't we say the same thing to people?

Yet, his simple gesture ministered to my soul.  There was just something about him, he seemed so genuine, almost like he knew me.  I half wondered if he could've been an angel, perhaps.  But, if he wasn't, he sure was in the right place at the right time.  His simple words reminded me that God sees me right where I am, even in my everyday errands.  I've had something on my mind for a very long time, a battle that I'm fighting.  Sometimes, you do start to wonder if God really does see you in your situation.  Of course He does, we all know that, right?  But, this kind of brought it right home to me.  God knew I needed a little bit of face-to-face encouragement so He sent this man my way, whoever he was.

God is going to bring me through.  I may not know how or when, but He's going to do it, I can put my trust in Him.  When you've done all you can-stand.  Stand in your faith and keep on believing.  Don't look at the storm or situation that has clouded your life, but look to Jesus-He is our answer.  Keep focused on Him. And while you're waiting-keep running the race.  He will always make a way, right in the nick of time.  In HIS time. Don't quit!  Don't let this storm cloud steer you off course.  Don't let the enemy rob you of your victory-you are SO close!  Keep focused on the goal.  Keep on praising Him and putting your hand to the work.  Give your situation to Him, just lay it at His feet and know that He is working behind the scenes, He is preparing the way.  Though you may not see it with your eyes, He IS working.  If it's your desire to serve God, just dig into God's word and prayer and  He'll give you strength to keep on going and a peace right in the midst of it all. Just rest in Him.  He'll carry you through.  And when all is said and done, He will be glorified through it.  You'll have a testimony to share with someone else and maybe they'll look to Christ for their help, too. Just keep holding onto his hand and never let go-hold on tight.  Even if you have to close your eyes, keep holding on tight because He WILL bring you through to the other side, to victory! God Bless YOU today.