Saturday, January 14, 2012

God Will Do It Again!

Hey there,
I woke up this morning with this song on my mind and I hope it encourages you today.  Whatever situation that you're facing, no matter how impossible it looks, or how long you've been dealing with it, I want to encourage you to not give up.  Our God is greater than any situation we face. He is the master of the winds and He can calm the storm.  He can do the impossible.  When everyone around you is telling you to throw in the towel, don't you give up!  Put your trust in Jesus and He will work it out for you.  And He'll do it in a way you and I could've never imagined. He's got a plan and if we just keep trusting Him, we'll see it all fall into place. We may not know how or when, but He will do it.  In our own minds, sometimes we try to figure out how it could happen or what we, in ourselves, could do to solve it.  But God's ways are not our ways.  We just have to give it to Him and leave it with Him.  Don't keep worrying about it and letting it consume our thoughts all the time.  Just rest in His promises and keep praising God.  When the situation creeps into your mind and fear starts to come again, just go to His word and start reading of how faithful He is and the promises He's made to those who are serving Him. He's kept you this far hasn't He? Hasn't he always been faithful to you before, so there's no need to worry and fret.  He will work it out again.  Have a great weekend (I won't be blogging tomorrow as it's Sunday.)  I look forward to meeting you back here again on Monday to continue our study on how to get a meek and quiet spirit.  Until then, God Bless You and I hope you enjoy this song.

Friday, January 13, 2012

How to have a Meek and Quiet Spirit-Part 2

Yesterday, I began a study on what it means to have a meek and quiet spirit.  You're welcome to read along with me from a book by Teri Maxwell entitled, Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit.  While I don't homeschool my children, I am interested in learning how to have a meek and quiet spirit, especially with my children.  I hope you'll join me.

So, what do the words "meek" and "quiet" mean?  Meek is defined by Webster's 1858 Dictionary as mild of temper, soft, gentle, not easily provoked or irritated.  Quiet is defined as peaceable, not turbulent, not giving offense, mild, meek and contented.  I did not see the word weak in there at all, which is a connotation I always associated with these words.  In reality, I think it requires an inner strength.

I Peter 3:4 of the KJV Bible says, But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.  
Matthew 11:29 says, Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. So, we see Jesus is meek.  Then, this is certainly something we should strive to be.  When you first envisioned yourself having children, how did you see yourself interacting with them?  Is it different than your day-to-day reality?  If you're like me, it probably is, unfortunately.  We don't always behave towards our children the way we had hoped we would.  Oh, we love them, and we start off each day saying, today will be different; I'll do things right today.  But within the first few minutes, we've already failed and we are left discouraged again.

So, what are the obstacles that keep us from having a meek and quiet spirit?  Let's look at some of those...Did your children wake up fighting with each other?  Is there a bed unmade that should have been made long ago? Is the sink full of dishes from last night? Is your husband unappreciative of all you do?  Did the alarm clock wake you up as soon as it seems you went to sleep?  Are you preoccupied with other personal or financial issues?  Most meek and quiet spirit robbers fall into the categories of fear, disorganization and anger.  I believe the Lord offers us great hope in helping us to overcome these obstacles.  "With God all things are possible", right?   I hope you'll continue to read along with me and see how we, too, can learn  practical, real-life ways to obtain this in our own lives.      

Thursday, January 12, 2012

To Have a Meek and Quiet Spirit

Ok.  So, yesterday I had one of those moments where I was totally disappointed in the way I handled a situation with my middle son. You've never been there, right? I know, more than we'd like to admit.  He came in the living room when I was on the computer and just had a complete meltdown.  But how did I respond?  "You'll be ok, don't worry about it." and just shrugged him off and went back to what I was doing.  Wow.  NOT exactly what he needed from me.  I knew I needed to check myself.  I wasn't thinking of him, I was thinking about me and my own desire to finish what I was doing.  Then my mind flashed back to my own childhood.  If I had a moment like that, my mother would've stopped whatever she was doing and sat down and hugged me and let me pour out my heart to her.  Then, she would've softly tried to reassure me and tell me how much she loved me and all the positives about myself.  I definitely had not done that with my son.  So, I immediately stood up and went to my son, put my arms around him and hugged him and let him stay there as long as he wanted.

This is not a one-time deal with me.  I'm sorry to say that I've found myself responding in an irritated tone all too often.  I've been there physically, yes, but not emotionally.

It got me thinking about the kind of mother God wants us to be.  I believe He wants us to have a meek and quiet spirit as wives and as mothers also.  I am SO not there yet, and I've tried so many times in my own strength and it seems I can never succeed.  But, I know who can give me strength when I am weak-Jesus. He can help me be the mother that my kids need me to be.  So, I'll keep praying and seeking God.

With that, I'd like to do a little study on what it means to have that meek and quiet spirit.  I don't know how many posts it will be, maybe just a couple or maybe a few.  I'll be reading the book Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit by Teri Maxwell.  I don't homeschool, but I'd sure like to learn more about how to have a gentle spirit like that.  So, I hope you'll join me and maybe we'll find encouragement along the way, together.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Worth Fighting For

Good afternoon all...I came across this song yesterday.  I'm sure you'll remember it from the movie Fireproof  with Kirk Cameron.  When this movie first came out, it got all America talking and The Love Dare book flew off the shelves in the stores.  It resonated with people as it let the 'cat out of the bag' so to speak.  So many couples were fighting with the same situation the movie depicted...fighting it in silence, not being able to share it with anyone, not knowing how to explain what the underlying problem really was. When we got married we promised to love our spouse forever, through whatever came our way...then the trials came and we began to wonder just how much we were supposed to take...maybe we should just cut our losses and get out.  Surely, God would understand, we deserved better.  But what about that vow we made to God?  What about that promise you made to your spouse? How much do you really love your husband or wife?  Are you willing to fight for them?  If you're a christian then you know we don't fight against physical things but against the spiritual.  The enemy would like nothing more than to destroy your marriage and your family.  If your husband/wife is unsaved, don't give up. I encourage you to get on your knees and fight for them in prayer. Prayer is your most powerful weapon in defeating the enemy.  Pray for their salvation and deliverance, pray for the walls to come down, pray for their heart to be softened and the anger and bitterness to leave. When God changes the heart, everything changes.  It may not happen tomorrow, it may not happen for years, but don't you give up on them.  Know that God is working and He will do everything in His perfect timing.  And while you're waiting, keep on serving the Lord.  Don't be depressed because you don't have the 'perfect' marriage.  Nobody does.  Marriage is always a work-in-progress and everyone is different.  It's a labor of love.  Faith requires an action, right?  So, while your waiting and praying, treat them kindly and lovingly, even if they don't seem to care.  You'll be honoring your vow, loving them even if they don't seem to love you.  It's all in your attitude.  Ask God to give you a love like He has for them.   He'll help you get past the hurt and pain.  Remember, it's not what you see on the surface, but it's the heart that matters.  Be patient and know that God is working and your victory is on it's way.  And what a glorious day that will be!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How Strong Are You....Really?

Not long ago, I stood in the church sanctuary and sang the words: "draw me nearer; use me; make me more like you".  How many of us have sung these words and thought nothing of it, really?  We all want to be closer to God, but did you ever wonder how he accomplishes this?  Do we just wake up one morning and say, "Wow, I feel especially close to you today, Lord?"  Not exactly.  How do we grow close to our family members or our friends?  By sharing our lives with them, by sharing our hearts, by going through things feel close to them because of a shared experience or an encouraging word during a difficult time.  Well, it's the same with God.  I believe that sometimes, we go through things because He wants us to look to Him for our strength, to lean on Him, to gain a greater understanding of just how much he cares and how awesome He is.  Sometimes when we feel there is no way out for us, He comes shining through in a way we could've never thought with our limited imaginations and all we can say is.."WOW-Only God could've done this!"   Trials are part of the learning process.  Not fun, no, but the victory will be worth it all.  How often do we get comfortable and think we're strong enough to handle anything, then with the first punch, we're down for the count and we see just how weak we really are.  We are nothing in ourselves.  We need to keep Jesus fresh in our lives everyday.  We need to be strengthened everday, not once a week or that time last month when we got slain out at the altar, but everyday.  You just never know when something is going to come your way and try to take you down-will you be prepared?  Will you be wearing your spiritual armour?  Did you just set it down for a minute to rest? In this day and age, we can't afford to take it off for an instant!  We have to be ready in season and out of season.  You never know when the enemy will try to sneak something in that eventually festers and grows into a full-blown trial that threatens your very salvation.  Be aware!  Stay Alert and always at the ready.  Don't get comfortable and relaxed, that's when you're a prime target and the enemy will jump when he sees any sign of weakness.  The devil is trying to deceive "even the elect" in this end day, but we as christians need to be paying attention-see it for what it is (an attack) and stand strong and fight.  How are you going to know that you're under attack if you don't stay in tune with your general.  You'll think it's nothing, just the wind.  But it quickly worsens and soon you can't even stand up for the fierceness of it.  Pray. Know your Bible.  Stay in tune with God-keep that line of communication open.  Pay attention to the still, small voice.  Know what God has to say about things-don't be swayed by popular opinion but know the truth for yourself.  When the enemy comes, quote the word of God to him and shoot him down.  Our God is greater than anything that comes our way.  Like the song says: "Our God is greater, higher, stronger than any other"  Whatever the enemy has put in your path to make you stumble, DON'T YOU QUIT.  So you stumbled or made a mistake because you let your guard down, realize it-repent and GET UP, start walking and singing and praising the Lord.  Our God WILL be victorious!  He's already won the battle.  He has a master plan and will work all things together for our good if we keep serving Him.  Keep on believing!  Give Him your situation and leave it there, don't pick it up again.  Trust Him to take care of it.  Don't let your situation rule you, your God is greater than ANY situation.  You speak the word of God to your situation.  Trust Him to do the rest.  You keep on believing!  There's no God like Jehovah!  Let this be YOUR year of Jubilee!  God bless you.