Monday, January 13, 2014

You Will Never Gain New Territory Without a War

"God, bring me to a higher place in You?  I want to do more for you, to grow closer to you. Let me fulfill all you have planned for my life." Have you ever prayed this prayer?  I think most of us have.  And we're heartfelt when we pray it.  Then, not long after, we find ourselves in a raging storm, sometimes, facing a 'perfect storm' and we say-"Why God? What did I do wrong?"
It may well be God is answering your prayer...helping to bring you to that higher place in God.  Think about it...How can we come to a higher place without first facing a battle?  A soldier does not advance to a higher position without first proving himself -he has to be tried and victorious in battle first.  It's not how many battles we face in our lives, it's how we handle them-how we get through them.  Do we give up at the first sign of a struggle?  No one said the life of a Christian would be an easy one, but God said He would be with us and we would not have to face the storms of this life alone-He'd help us make it through.
One thing I've learned is that God is deserving of our praise at all times.  Whether we're in a storm or on the mountain top, it doesn't change who God is.  He still died on the cross for you, saved your soul, he still healed your body, gave you peace of mind, mended your broken heart, restored your joy, gave you his Holy Spirit, washed you clean, gave you a hope of eternal salvation, and He's still your best friend, etc.  That hasn't changed.  But now, he wants to bring you to that new level in Him.  What will you do?  Will you let fear rob you of all that God has given to you, all He has in store for you?  Don't give up, but hold on-throw your anchor down and stand. Stand in place and don't be moved.  You may feel the winds, you may take on a little water, but you will not sink if you keep holding onto Jesus. Dig in deeper and hold on a little tighter. You can make it through the storm. Just spend a little more time praising Him, find more strength by reading His Word and in prayer. Just say "Jesus, I don't know what to do, I don't see how I'm going to make it through, but you do so I'm putting my trust in you, Lord.  I'm trusting in you to keep me and bring me through."  Just be obedient and stay faithful to Him and just watch what He will do in your life-He will bring you out victorious and you'll be on your way to that higher place! My friend, don't quit today, and don't look back, Keep moving forward!          

"As a born again believer, there is nothing in this world that can stop you from accomplishing everything God has planned for you. The devil cannot stop you if you don't get weary in well-doing! The world can't stop you unless you quit going forward. Even when you feel like sitting down, if you will take some time in His presence today He will strengthen you with might by His Spirit."-Rev. Daniel Bossidy