Monday, March 26, 2012

Have you ever had one of these moments?

Have you ever caught yourself behaving like your mom or saying something to your kids you swore you'd never ever say when you had your own kids?  Lately, it's felt like that around our house.  My husband and I are parents to three beautiful kids, ages 14, 10, & 6.  Each one has had their moments of testing us, but currently it's the middle one.  I know I must have gone through this with my older son and we all survived, but now it seems new all over again.  This morning, it was an inappropriate Youtube video that got us going, then it quickly spread to "lolly-gagging" as I would call it and not getting ready for school.  (I'm sure all you moms of pre-teens can relate.)  It ended with voices raised and a very ugly attitude.  Now, my son is a beautiful, tender-hearted, christian boy and on the whole, I am so proud of him.  But this attitude thing has got to go.  So, what's the best way to get at the root of the problem?  Pray.  God knows my son and He knows me.  He knows how to parent better than anyone.  He knows the best way to get to the heart of the matter-our hearts.  We just don't want our kids to be well-behaved robots, we want their hearts to be in the right place, don't we?  We want kids who have a heart for God and know how to make wise decisions and choices in their lives, by looking to God for their help.  What better way to show them that, than by going to God ourselves at times of decision in our own lives.  Parenting is not being perfect all the time.  None of us are.  Our kids don't need a perfect Mom and Dad, they need honest ones.  They need a Mom that's not afraid to say "Hey, I messed up and I'm so sorry about that, but  I love you and God is going to help me to change.  You are so precious to me and you deserve my best.  Thank you for being patient with me and  for loving me."  Whether you see your kids everyday or you haven't seen them in years, your children need you.  If there's a step-mother or step-father in their lives, they still need YOU.  Don't compare yourself to someone else and get discouraged.  They need YOU.  You are their flesh and blood, you will always have a special place in their hearts that no one can fill but you alone.  They may be confused at times and throw hurtful words at you, but there's a part of them that will always be longing for a relationship with you. We all make mistakes with our kids, not one of us is perfect.  Just continue to love them and go to God in prayer.  He will show you the way.  He can heal the broken hearts and make you whole again, you and your kids.  You are not a failure.   He can make something beautiful out of the broken pieces of your life.  You CAN make it...with God's help.

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