Thursday, August 23, 2012

Be Still

This morning as I watched the news as I do every morning, I started to feel so burdened down about the way this world is heading.  It seems all we hear about is fighting and anger and chaos.  It seems like things have gone so far downhill so fast recently.  I can't help but be reminded that God is coming soon.  Things are really starting to fall apart in this world as our nation has rejected God and calls it "equal rights for all".  A nation that rejects God will surely fall.  If we're not careful, we can get so caught up in the news of the turmoil of this world and forget that this is only our "temporary home".  We are only on this earth for a season. Yes, I am concerned about the things going on in our nation and across the world, but I believe that if we dwell on these things constantly, we'll only get angry and bitter and forget that God is preparing a better home for us.  That's the home we should be more concerned with.  As this world deteriorates more and more, we need to look to God more and more.  Keep your eyes on Jesus, not on the storm surrounding you.  Where is your faith today?  Yes, we try to stay informed as all citizens should so we can make wise decisions and  we certainly should exercise our rights that we're fortunate to still have in this country and stand for what is right and fight to keep God in America as long as possible.  I'm not saying we should isolate ourselves by any means or be ignorant.  What I'm saying is the more we see the end time approaching, the more we need to look up-look up to Heaven, look to God.  Our God is an awesome God. This world is just a foot stool to Him.  He has a plan that's been foretold in scripture and must come to pass, but if we keep our eyes on Him, we can have that hope that we will see Him one day face to face.  He loved this world so much that He suffered and gave His life for us before we were even born so that we could have a hope, so that we could have fellowship with Him and really know him personally.  He wants to be a friend to everyone of us, but we must believe that He is and humbly ask for forgiveness from our sin and lay our lives at His feet and ask Him to come into our hearts and make us more like Him. He'll take the burden that you carry and give you a new hope, a new life. The Bible says in John 3:16-"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth on him should not perish but have everlasting life."  And when people truly understand all that Jesus sacrificed for us and how much God loves us, how can they not want to spend the rest of their lives showing Him how much they appreciate all He's done and sacrificed for us.  But, if they choose to reject Him...if our nation chooses to reject Him...God does not force Himself on anyone, He's given us a free will to choose for ourselves. He calls and He pleads with us, but it is still our choice to heed His call.  If we choose to ignore His voice and say "thanks but not thanks, I want to live the way I want, I don't need you", then we've made our choice to refuse God's love.  But if we turn to Him, with our whole hearts, He will keep us in this end day.  The time is truly short and God will one day say "it's time" and call his people home to be with Him.  So, let's keep our minds and hearts tuned into Jesus.  Keep our minds stayed on Him.  This world is lost and needs Jesus.  Let's redeem the time we have left and reach as many as we can with the gospel of Jesus Christ so they can have that same hope in Jesus that we do.  When things get rough and the battles come, and they will certainly still come, whether you're saved or unsaved, look to Jesus all the more...go to the word of God and get encouragement for your soul...sing a song throughout the day at work, keep joy in your heart in the midst of it all and most of all, stay on your knees, don't neglect your prayer time.  Keep in tune with God, heed His voice and keep that communication line open and just keep on praising Him.  He loves to hear the praises of His people.  Whatever you're going through, I encourage you to put your faith and trust in God-He WILL see you through.  Let your heart rest in Him and Be Still...

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