Thursday, February 21, 2013

My prayer

I am just so thankful today for all God has done for me and all He's doing in my life.  On the outside, it may not seem like a lot, but on the inside, He's working on me.  He works on us everyday to make us more and more like Him.  It's amazing how much He loves us and has so much patience and extends so much grace to us, isn't it.  When I think about the children of Israel and how much He loved them and provided for them, yet they kept letting Him down by not trusting in Him over and over again.  Yet, He never stopped loving them, did about longsuffering.  He loves us so much and wants so much for us and He's told us that His word will guide us and teach us His ways, but He will not go against our will.  We have to submit to His will, not our own.  We think we know what is best for our lives, when in reality we really don't.  It's when we totally  surrender to doing whatever He wants, whether we understand the why of it or not, that's when God will move.  He wants our hearts to be totally in love with Him, to trust Him with our whole lives.  We may not know or understand the reasons why things happen sometimes, but if we trust in Him and put our lives in His capable hands, He will always do what's best for us and one day we will understand that He really did know what He was doing.  It's when we try to take over ourselves and do things our way that we always get in trouble, isn't it-when we get stubborn and think we know best.
I'm so grateful for His grace and mercy that He's extended to me.  Like a good parent, he shows us what to do, but the choice is up to us to obey.  He watches and waits, hoping we'll make the right decisions...sometimes we do, sometimes we don't.  And when we don't and we come to Him and admit we've lost our way, He's always there to take us in His arms and love us and show us what to do.  Where would we be without the grace and mercy He's shown to each and every one of us.  Like the song says, "Where would I be, you only know..So glad you see through eyes of love...a hopeless case, an empty place if not for grace." 

This morning, this song is my prayer...This is really the heart's desire of every Christian, isn't it?  If you're having trouble or going through a situation today, I pray you'll make this your song-This is all that really matters in the end.  Not how materially successful you are or what position you hold in life, all that really matters is our relationship with God.  I want to be a help to someone else, to show them how much God loves them as everyday I'm learning more of the depths of His love for us and to just let Him use me somehow, however He sees fit to let others see that too.  God Bless you today.


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