Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just Keep Going

If you're anything like me, I didn't know where to begin in teaching my kids about the Lord.  I knew there was so much they needed to know and the time was slipping away from me.  My oldest was 11 and I knew I had only a few short years with him to lay that all-important foundation in God that would carry him through his whole life.  So, I started having all my children attend Sunday School at our church (which I had recently returned to after 12 years away).  It was difficult going, let me tell you-boy, did they resist!  They didn't want to get up in the morning, they dawdled, I yelled at them just to get them out the door on time-I know many of you can relate.(LOL)  Then, once we got in the building, the boys would complain or be too nervous to go in their classes.  My youngest was a toddler and wouldn't keep quiet during the service so I spent most mornings trying to keep her from disturbing others.  Many times I couldn't remember anything about what was brought to the congregation and to be honest,  I wondered why I even bothered going.  What was the point?  It was such a battle, a battle with my kids and with myself.  I'd think to myself, "Boy, what can I possibly get out of this service with the mood I'm in now!"  I certainly didn't feel very "spiritual" after that big ordeal. I have to say, I got tired of trying and had a cycle of starting and stopping for awhile. But, I have to say, there was always someone there to encourage me:  a friend, an usher, a nursery attendant, a Sunday School teacher, my Pastor, etc.-and they always had similarly encouraging words- "keep coming-don't give up".  That's when I had to look at the real purpose-why did I really want to come to church?  What was the goal?  I wanted our family to serve God-together.  If I gave up, where would that leave my children, my husband, my family? Yes, it was hard but anything worth having is worth fighting for, right.  So, I decided to keep going no matter what-and it started to pay off.  With consistent attendance, my kids began to feel comfortable in their classes, started to make friends, got into a routine and you know what?- they started to enjoy going.  Now that we've been going steadily for over a year, my kids are starting to read their Bibles, ask questions, and have even started to stand up for their beliefs.  I know it's just a start and they've still got so much to learn, but the initial battle is over.  Like a minister in my church said recently, the hardest part was the starting and then being consistent, but starting is the most important thing.  I want my kids to know about God and I certainly don't have all the answers for them, like you, I'm learning.  But I know we need to make the time to teach our kids to know God, teach them to pray and read their Bibles.  Let them know that He loves them and that they can have a personal relationship with Him, themselves.  Teach them that God made them special, that they don't need to conform to some image that the world sets for them;  that they have something God can use; that He has a purpose for their lives. They face so many obstacles in this modern day and are bombarded with so many negative ideas about God and christianity, they need to know the truth.  So, if you don't go to any church, I hope you will start.  There's nothing like fellowshipping with other believers in one place with one common goal-to lift up Jesus and hear from Him!  If you have no church to attend, I welcome you to visit mine (see below).  If there are no churches in your area, I encourage you to set time aside with your family and just begin to teach them to pray and read God's word.  Ask God for wisdom on how to start and what to say. Whatever your situation, I encourage you to start and to be consistent-the kids will get used to it with practice.  Teach them at home what you expect of them in church.  Bring a backpack with some quiet activities to keep them occupied during the meeting-like a couple books, a blanket, a stuffed toy, a notepad and pencils, a small snack (for younger ones),etc.  And teach them how to behave in church.  Let the younger ones sit on a mat on the floor in front of you with their quiet toys, or even nap.  The older ones can write in their notebooks, or look up Bible scriptures as they're mentioned by the minister.  Teach them to listen to the word of God, even if they don't understand the entire message, they might hear one little nugget  that they can apply to their own lives-they can write those down so they can recall it later.  Remember what your purpose is-to lay that foundation of God in their lives.  To have them desire God for themselves so that one day they will walk with God on their own.  Remember that they are watching you.  You are more than their parent, you're their example of a christian and they will watch how you live your life.  So, whatever your situation or the age of your children, whatever you're facing in your christian walk, I encourage you to keep going-keep pressing on.  Don't give up!!!  It's worth it!  God knows the desire of your heart and He will reward your faithfulness. God Bless you!
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  1. Tammy I don't know if you noticed but I've been following you! I still think you're a doll and thanks for your blog.